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Happy Feet Movie Quotes

Live your life to the fullest. Dont be afraid to be yourself, no matter who you are. These are the heart-warming lessons you learn through the song-and-dance animated movie Happy Feet. The movie takes place in Antarctica in the home of the emperor penguins. Each penguin sings a heartsong to attract a mate, but young Mumble is a terrible singer. Mumble can tap dance though, and he eventually wins over his heartthrob with his clever footwork. George Miller, the writer-director of Happy Feet, used sophisticated computer animation to create this visual treat. The voice-overs by Nicole Kidman, Hugh Jackman, Robin Williams and Elijah Wood are part of why Happy Feet won the 2006 Academy Award for Best Animated Feature. For Penguin lovers, here is a collection of memorable Happy Feet quotes. Ramon Just a moment... I hear people wanting something... ME! We got  personality  with a capital Y. Why? Because were hot! I like big tails and I cant deny! Oh, hes leaving! Oh, no! That was his face! I dont care where you come from, that has got to hurt! STOP! Lemme tell something to  joo... I know size can be daunting... but dont be afraid... I love you! Yeah, I saw an animal do that once and then they rolled him over and he was dead. You did everything  penguinly  possible. Dont feel so bad, my father also called me a pitiful loser, look how I turned out. Seymour Dont push me cause I am close to the edge. Im trying not to lose my head. Gloria, I adori ya, Id like to see more o ya! Its like a jungle sometimes, it makes me wonder how I keep from goin under! Remember stranger danger... Watch out for leopard seals and them killer whales! Lovelace Ladies, please avert your eyes, cause Ive been known to hypnotize. Enraged by their indifference, he followed them long after they had gone from his sight. He swam further than any of us had before, past all hope of return. Swept up by the currents, he was carried endlessly, across vast oceans, to worlds unknown. Hear me! Theres not enough love in the world. Turn to the penguin next to you, put your flippers up, fluff him up a little bit and give him a great big hug! Go forth and multiply! I must retire now to my couch of perpetual indulgence.   Baby Gloria Is it empty? Can I have it? [to Mumbles unhatched egg]   Mumble Let me tell something to joo! When I find out whats happening to the fish, Ill be back! Its just like ... singing, with your body. Im speaking plain penguin! Leopard Seal Come here, sausage. I take you with ketchup! Remember, dumplings, I know where you live ...

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Fruitadens - Facts and Figures

Name: Fruitadens (Greek for Fruita tooth); pronounced FROO-tah-denz Habitat: Woodlands of North America Historical Period: Late Jurassic (150 million years ago) Size and Weight: About two feet long and 1-2 pounds Diet: Probably omnivorous Distinguishing Characteristics: Exceptionally small size; bipedal posture; possibly feathers About Fruitadens It happens more often than you think, but the fossil specimens of Fruitadens languished for over two decades in museum collections before being meticulously examined. What these paleontologists found made headlines worldwide: a tiny (one or two pounds max), late Jurassic dinosaur that fed opportunistically on any bugs, plants, and any small critters that happened across its path. Fruitadens has proven difficult to classify; it has now been pegged as an ornithopod, and is believed to have been a close (albeit much smaller) relative of the different-toothed dinosaur Heterodontosaurus. (By the way, the name Fruitadens is often mistakenly translated as fruit tooth, but this wee dinosaur was actually named after the Fruita region of Colorado, where its fossil specimens were excavated in the late 1070s.) How could a dinosaur as tiny and inoffensive as Fruitadens survive in late Jurassic North America, home to giant, multi-ton sauropods like Brachiosaurus and fierce predators like Allosaurus? Logically enough, this tiny ornithischian probably adopted a similar strategy as the comparably sized mammals of the Mesozoic Era, scurrying through the underbrush (perhaps at night) and, just possibly, climbing trees to stay out of the way of larger dinosaurs. (In case you were wondering, as tiny as it was, Fruitafossor isnt the smallest dinosaur in the fossil record; that honor belongs to the four-winged Microraptor of early Cretaceous Asia, which was only about the size of a pigeon!)

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Guest Lectures And Group Presentation - 1322 Words

Guest Lectures and Group Presentation Our first guest lecture was held by a woman named Barbara Bossi. Mrs. Bossi is a registered nurse at Geisinger Community Medical Center. During her lecture, she discussed multiple things of importance. Some of these things were leadership, regulatory requirement, quality and safety/performance improvement and hospital operations. In regards to leadership, she mentioned the different positions of the staff in the hospital. The high ranking officials, such as the CEO, CNO, and COO, are the ones who keep the hospital running smoothly and make sure that standards are met. Regulatory requirement involves the Department of Health, Joint Commission, and Medicare. The Department of Health regulates hospitals†¦show more content†¦Barbara Bossi also came a second time and gave us a presentation on inpatients. She talked about protocols and diagnosis. An example of which is when a patient has a heart attack and is brought to the hospital. The staff has to make sure the patient receives aspirin upon arrival. Another example would be when a patient is going to surgery and the staff has to make sure that patient’s skin is prepped and the antibiotics are set. Some goals that she talked about are improving the accuracy of patient identification, improving communication among care givers, improving the safety of medications, working to avoid infections, and reconciling medications across continuum of care. She also talked about improving admissions for emergency rooms, choosing where the patient gets relocated, direct admission, and after surgery requirements. In our group presentation I learned about Medical fraud and abuse. The main point of my article was the prevention, detection, and reporting of fraud and abuse. Medicare fraud and Abuse are two very different thing. Fraud is defined as making false statements or representations of material facts to obtain some benefit or payment for which no entitlement would otherwise exist. Abuse, on the other hand, describes practices that either directly or indirectly results in redundant costs to the Medicare program. For

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CMIT 320 Network Security Paper Elizabeth Flaim - 960 Words

Network Security Paper - Stuxnet Elizabeth Flaim CMIT 320, Section 6380 Professor Charles Pak Due March 8, 2015 Introduction Technical Analysis Ralph Langner’s article on the Stuxnet worm discusses the hardware, distribution and targets of the attack. He also goes into detail regarding the outlook of future attacks and what we can do to prevent them. The Stuxnet attack was not executed to steal or erase information. It was carried out to physically destroy a military target; Iran’s Natanz nuclear facility. The attack was aimed at industrial SCADA controllers and was a stand-alone attack. It was not an attack that required access to the Internet. The attackers relied on local networks and USB drives to carry out the attack.†¦show more content†¦This allowed the worm to be recognized as a device driver and to not be rejected by the Windows operating system. The early version of the worm functioned as a man-in-the-middle attack. It sat between the engineering software and the Siemens controllers for the input and output valves feeding into each centrifuge. The worm would accept commands from the engineering software and give false responses to indicate that these commands were being processed by the controllers. In reality, the worm was regularly allowing the centrifuges to be over-pressurized, which had the effect of causing the centrifuges to wear out and break more quickly. The later version of the software was much more crude. It would take over the centrifuges and refuse to acknowledge signals from the engineering software while an attack was active. The attack operated about once a month and worked by slowing down the centrifuges and then spinning them back up to past their normal full speed. This would cause damage as the centrifuges passed through what was known as a resonance speed, which would destabilize the rotor. Stuxnet managed to increase the rotor speeds at Iran’s Natanz nuclear facility from a normal speed of 63,000 rpm to 84,600 rpm. The worms were carefully designed so that it would not be obvious to someone in the facilit y that their mechanical systems were being sabotaged. For example, the worm would randomly affect different centrifuges at

Essay On The Pomegranate Tree In The Kite Runner - 735 Words

The sultans of Kabul, Amir, and Hassan, a bond that gets overturned by societal conflicts. In the novel The Kite Runner, the author Khaled Hosseini portrays the life of Amir and Hassan in Afghanistan. Hosseini explores how Amir neglected Hassan as a friend, and it wasn’t until when Hassan died, he noticed then what he had lost. Suggesting that friendships shouldn’t be taken for granted as it can create a loss. The Author also demonstrates how Amir after years of neglecting his sins goes through various obstacles to obtain absolution, implying that redemption is often obtained, when one undergoes pain. The pomegranate tree is used as a symbol to demonstrate the outcome of the friendship of Amir and Hassan. The author uses imagery to†¦show more content†¦Amir had lost a true friendship based on his actions. Another Symbol that the author uses to portray the results of Amir and Hassan’s friendship is the kite. The Kite caused a break up between Amir and Hassan, Amir possessed selfishness and took for granted Hassans’ loyalty. â€Å" He had the blue kite in his hands: that was the first thing I saw†(78). Hassan had gone through an unimaginable situation and Amir had his thoughts around a kite, demonstrating his ignorance. Throughout the time passing Amir never dared to ask about what Hassan wanted, neglecting their friendship in so many ways. Hassan continued his loyalty even before passing away saying â€Å" And I dream you will return to Kabul...If you do, you will find an old faithful friend waiting for you†(218). It didn’t come from Amir ’s inner self to visit Hassan, but when he went back to Afghanistan he learned what he had lost. This time there was no more going back, Hassan was gone. In the novel, the use of the Kite also represented the guilt that Amir had built in throughout the years, and all the pain involved. When thinking about returning back to Afghanistan â€Å"[Amir] saw a pair of kites†¦ floating side by side like a pair of eyes looking down on San Francisco, the city I now call home†(2). The author uses personification of like a pair of eyes looking down, to demonstrate how what took place many years ago is still there. The guilt is still present in Amir and hasn’t left Amir everShow MoreRelatedThe Pomegranate Tree in The Kite Runner Essay1313 Words   |  6 Pages The Kite Runner is a novel of a Sunni Muslim, Amir, and a Hazara boy, Hassan. Hassan is the son of Amir’s father’s servant. Amir and Hassan spend their childhood days playing with one another in t he streets of Kabul. Amir’s father, Baba, as referred to in the novel, loves both of the boys equally. Although, Amir believes that Baba loves Hassan more than himself. Amir struggles to find understanding from Baba for killing his wife during childbirth. Amir strives to make him proud. The HazaraRead MoreThe Kite Runner By Khaled Hosseini1574 Words   |  7 PagesHosseini’s, The Kite Runner, is love. The Kite Runner follows Amir, the main character, finding redemption from a series of traumatic childhood events. Throughout the novel, the author uses many powerful symbols to represent the complexity of love that many experience in relationships. The use of the kite, the pomegranate tree, the slingshot, and the cleft lip all tie together to underscore a universal theme of love. To begin, the most explicit symbol present in the book is the kite. The kite representsRead MoreThe Kite Runner By Khaled Hosseini Essay1587 Words   |  7 PagesCecilia Womack October 19th 2016 The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini The Kite Runner is based in Afghanistan where Baba and Amir his son live with also Ali and Hasaan who are like brothers to both Baba and Amir. They are living a wonderful life until Amir encounters an image he can never forget, seeing his best friend Hasaan being brutally raped. Amir fails to confront this distraught action with others and he lives with guilt and tries to cope. Still this unforgettable guilt follows him to America

Obesity in Pregnancy

Question : Describe obesity in Pregnant Women based on recommendation. Answer : The greatest joy of life is perhaps becoming a mother. But with this joy also comes great responsibilities on the part of the parents, and particularly the mother, so that a healthy baby is born. A dream which most women share is getting pregnant. Best experience is to get pregnant but often there arises a few set of problems and complications, if not treated in a proper way. To have a healthy baby is the desire for all pregnant mothers during a womens pregnancy. Complications will arise if a mother gives birth to unhealthy baby and it also decreases the mothers chance of conceiving. A lot of changes occur in the body during pregnancy, both physically and internally (The health site, 2015). Therefore, the best time to get pregnant is in 20s (Dutta Konar, 1998). In 30s, not only do the chances of conceiving decline but also there are more risks involved in getting pregnant. There are numerous ways to have a child, such as, through surrogacy or IVF (In Vitro Fertilization). Medical pr oblems that interfere with the physiological adaptations of pregnancy increase the risk of poor pregnancy outcome. Few of the medical disorders during pregnancy are: Hypertension, Preeclampsia, Renal disease, Cardiac disease and Obesity in Pregnancy. All these diseases are associated with pregnancy. Hence, it is very essential to understand, if one is going to be a mother, about the risk factors during pregnancy. Obese women, in America, are more than one third of the total number of women, one half or more of pregnant women are either overweight or are suffering from obesity, and 8 per cent of those women who are in their reproductive age, are extremely obese, which puts them at a higher risk related to complications regarding pregnancy (, 2015). Assessment as well as counseling are very much encouraged for women who are obese which includes the different provision of some specific information related to the maternal as well as the fetal risks of obesity during pregnancy, and encouraged to take up a program on reducing weight. During the first stage of prenatal visit, a measure of height as well as weight must be taken for every women so that calculation of BMI (Body Mass Index) (Calculated in weight in Kg divided by height in m2) could be done, and also an information about a proper weight gain must be checked in the first visit as well as periodically throughout the pregnancy. A co nsultation regarding nutrition should be given to every overweight or to those women who are obese, and should also be encouraged towards following a healthy exercise routine (Barbeiri, 1977). A woman, who is pregnant, and has had a bariatric surgery must be checked for any deficiency in nutrition along with the requirement of vitamin supplementation, whenever indicated. Patients who are obese, who have undergone cesarean in their previous delivery, might also need thromboprophylaxis with pneumatic compression devices as well as unfractionated heparin and/or those weight heparin which are low molecular. For every obese women, anesthesiology consultation, should be considered in the initial stage of labor and should encourage consultation along with the specialists of weight-reduction before thinking about another pregnancy. The first argument of obesity in pregnancy is complications of Obesity in Pregnancy. Women who are overweight and/or obese are at an increased risk of many complications related to pregnancy, which includes hypertension along with gestational diabetes mellitus preeclampsia, postpartum weight retention, and also cesarean delivery, as mentioned earlier. In the same way, a pregnant woman, who are over-weight or obese, have a higher risk of premature delivery, still birth, congenital anomalies (examples like neural tube defects), macrosomia when pregnancy is associated with diabetes mellitus and obesity with possible injury by birth and childhood and obesity (Repke, 1978). Numerous study regarding pregnancy says that in case of obese women there is more chance of premature delivery. A study conducted on almost 2,900 overweight women shows that obesity before pregnancy was related to a lower rate of a spontaneous pre-term birth. Additionally, potential intrapartum along with operative and post-operative complications as well as difficulties associated with the anesthesia management, are also included. It is also more likely that an obese woman will initiate as well as continue breast feeding. A minimum of three cohort researches suggest, in women who have undergone a treatment related to infertility, obesity played an important risk factor related to spontaneous abortion. As per this recognition of the association, recommendations are to have a regular check up for all obese patients. Data established that risk related to defects in neural tube, which is very common in obese patients, is almost two times in pregnant women who have a normal weight once corrections are done for diabetes, which is a potential confounding factor (Sirimi Goulis, 2010). The second argument of obesity in pregnancy and few other risk factors in pregnancy which include the increase in risk of infertility which is one of the prime causes that affect ovulation and fertility in obese women is by altering the normal hormonal patterns in a woman. This affects the normal functioning of the ovaries. Infrequent or irregular menstrual cycles arise because of it, which disturbs the normal phase of ovulation (, 2015). One major case is the fat deposition in the abdomen of a woman is known to produce male hormones which prevent follicular matures and results in an ovulation (decreased ovulation). An IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) treatment in obese women have less success rate than that performed on non-obese women. A person needs to lose a great amount of weight to make an IVF treatment a successful one. It increases chances of miscarriages.If nature makes it possible to conceive despite great issues, caring and nurturing the baby can still be a risk. The cha nce of still birth is tripled in case of obesity and miscarriage in women. Obese women who undergo a miscarriage make it difficult for her to conceive a second time (Dutta Konar, 1998). It can lead to PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome).Overproduction of insulin is caused due to obesity which may further cause irregular ovulation too. A link between obesity, excess insulin production and the infertility condition is always present which is termed as polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). PCOS is a specific medical condition which is associated with irregular menstrual cycles, either decreased or even stopped ovulation, elevated levels of male hormones and obesity. It can also lead to other lifestyle-related issues.It is noticed in general that obese people also end up having numerous lifestyle related issues like high BP, diabetes, and higher cholesterol levels. Many health issues together makes conceiving a challenge for women with higher waistlines. The third argument of obesity in pregnancy is the recommendations in order to prevent obesity in Pregnancy. Lose weight before planning pregnancy. If a patient knows that she is obese or overweight then she should try and control her weight. A 15 percent weight loss can also help and aid in conceiving without any treatment or medication. Women having PCOD, if they manage their weight well, may not need any medications to conceive and can sail smoothly during pregnancy. Exercises especially aerobics, brisk walking as well as aqua workouts, are among many options from which the beginners can chose, especially which has a lower impact and yield better results soon. Give up all the vices. Smoking and drinking along with weight issues can come in the way of a healthy pregnancy and conception. Pregnant mother who has any of these vices are advised to give it up soon for the sake of a healthy pregnancy (Sirimi Goulis, 2010). Eat a balanced diet.Pregnant women should not miss out her breakfast, lunch and dinner and include two snacks in between meals. Reduce having food or even drinks which contains high levels of sugar as well as fat. Fruits along with green vegetables as well as salads should be eaten. If an obese pregnant woman has tried everything and followed her weight loss regimen and diet alterations with discipline, visit an IVF specialist to check on her health status and chances of getting pregnant. Though obesity can come in the way of personal conception, a pregnant lady should not forget that partners health status is equally important while planning for pregnancy. If the other partner also suffers from same predicament as the obese pregnant woman being overweight, ask to exercise and lose weight, consult a specialist as well as follow a regular lifestyle changes to improve the chances of getting pregnant (, 2015). Pregnancy is a physiological burden in the child bearing age of a woman and obesity in pregnancy becomes a challenging task on the part of the patient herself as well as the members of the family to the nutrition expert, anesthesiologist and the obstetrician. The health related complications can be disastrous and lead to escalating medical expenses. It is advisable to eat a balanced diet which may help a woman to prevent excess gain in weight. Eating healthy food and doing regular exercise before conceiving should be continued during pregnancy. Great efforts should be made to attain normal weight within a year of delivery which helps prevent long term weight gain as a result of the pregnancy. References Dutta, D. Konar, H., 1998. Text book of obstetrics. Calcutta, India: New Central Book Agency Ltd., (2015). The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists - ACOG. [online] Available at: [Accessed 10 Jan. 2015]., (2015). NHS Choices - Your health, your choices. [online] Available at: [Accessed 10 Jan. 2015] Barbeiri, Robert L., 1977. Harrisons Principle of Internal Medicine. Harvard Medical School. Repke, John T., 1978. Harrisons Principle of Internal medicine. New York Medical College. Padubidri, Padubidri Vg, 2008. Hawkins Bourne Shaws Text Book of Gynaecology. Elsevier India. ISBN 8131211312, 9788131211311, pp 1-483. The health site, (2015). High-fat diet not good in pregnancy. [online] Available at: [Accessed 11 Jan. 2015]. Sirimi, N. Goulis, D. (2010). Obesity in pregnancy. HJ, 9(4), pp.299-306.

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Effective Managers Reality Verus Hype

Questions: 1: List in numbered sentences the key points or ideas the article is conveying? 2: Choose two points or ideas from above. how valuable this information. discuss? 3: How could this article assist you in your daily life/ a management career? give an example of how you could incorporate these two points in your life/ work? 4: Identify the foundation author(s) for each article?.( also mention how you get the answer?5: Identify the reliability of the information presented in the paper/ article? 6: Identify if there have been any advance on theories covered in the paper/ article? Answers: 1: The article is containing the key ideas for the manger in order to make them effective managers. In the global environment it is required that managers should be more effective towards understanding practical needs. Hence it is important to provide better managing education, politics and health care which would solve many societal problems. Effectiveness of management, management realities and applications of management are the key concept covered in this article. Here challenges occurred in front of management are discussed and also offered suggestions on it. Management is nothing but require getting things done by others. The suggestions given about what an effective manager can do is, he or she needs to understand psychology and sociology, also needs to be expert on abuse of drugs or alcohol as well as need to know local, federal and state laws (Maxwell, 2002). The articles also explain the tougher functions of managers and it would also help to understand the realities of mana gement. The organizations are facing two most common management problems and that are preferring processes over people and poor managers. The tough roles managers have to perform and listed in article are: Selection of human resources which is important for personal growth Manage staffing To understand realities of diversity To maintain balance between rewards, rules and standard operating procedures To motivate the employees Managing organizations business internationally Managing team work Above are functions are important for managers point of view to manage the organization effectively. 2: Above we discuss the important ideas covered in the article. The article is totally based on the management skills and the function managers have to perform effectively. The problems the managers have to face in their job and what may be the solutions provided on it to perform effective management. All points stated above are important in terms of handling effective management and among those we will discuss importance of two points regarding the organizational management. Manage staffing: It is important that manager should surround with an inner core which complements their leadership. For an effective manger it is essential to select and retain best people into their organization to increase performance. It is managers responsibility to make an organization so that people really want to work with them, to select the qualified and right candidate for right place (Fayol, 1949). Though organization have enough well qualified and hardworking staff but guidance and rewards is very much important to maintain their commitment towards the organization. Good people will stay only if they find link between their performance and salary, if they will get opportunities of growth and enhancement, if authorities recognize their work and give importance to their work, expectations from the staff should be clear and realistic so that they can show their knowledge and talent. Managing organizations business internationally: Globalization is part of business in this century and when it comes to doing business globally, organizations should require that level manager with appropriate skills because they need to interact with people from different cultures and different countries. The article provides fundamental management-interpersonal skills to develop international management intellect such as managers should be able to establish credibility because with arrogance future business relationship does not work, need to evaluate people instead of just offending them, important to know about strategic mindset because they are different from culture to culture. 3: Todays business environment is becoming much global and competitive as compare to the business environment few decade backs. Hence organizations require more effective managers to run their organization and get competitive advantage over rival by showing extraordinary performance. This article assist me by discussing the challenges managers have to face, discuss suggestions over that and also explains tougher roles managers have to play. When it comes to incorporating the two points I mentioned above in my working, I will use the above discussion as a guidance to manage my work. When it come to managing the people in the organization one thing I follow the most is motivating the employees and satisfying them from the current job, because only motivated and satisfied employees are more committed towards their organization. It is important to retain the talented worker and to do so rewarding, appreciating and recognizing is key valued. I think managers ability is not being judge on what he achieved personally on his own basis but it is judged by how his team and his organization doing. Another thing I learn and follow in my working is to manage an international business attitude is most important than experience. If I adopt a winning attitude with self confidence I can attend the clients and people coming from other background, other culture and countries very well. To spread organizations business internationally I will require tremendous momentum, I need to know negotiating techniques as it is different culture wise. My first step for handling international business is to know the things that I dont know then I have to read, study and focus to learn and then will use those things in professional life non-judgmentally. 4: The article includes the concepts and finding of other authors articles based on the management concepts one of which is A hard look at the soft practice of managing and management development by researcher and professor Henry Mintzberg. This article discuss that the management practice is characterized by ambiguity, which leaves the manager with messy stuff. The terms like experience, intuition, and judgment are most commonly used in the management studies and it become management easy fundamentally. The Mintzberg article also explain the mindset followed by managers or leaders and that is first managing themselves, secondly managing the organization, then to manage the context and lastly have to manage collaboration and change (Mintzberg, 2004). 5: The article tries to show the reality of current professional managers and the difficulties they are facing during their management functions. The article explains the things so that managers can improve their skills and can minimize their weakness and proceed towards becoming top organizational leader. People starts their job by supervising or by leading a team and then their journey starts towards becoming high level manager only on the basis of their extraordinary performance (Eilon, 1979). That what the things explained in the article which are all realistic examples. For example it talks about the staffing qualities of managers. When managers keep people on track, then only they can move towards innovative future (Manfred, 2003). This article helps to know the level of leadership quality and guide to perform them for becoming effective managers. It helps to make difference between the realistic things have to face in organization and hypes. It all knows that self understandin g and learning about others and about the situations is key to development of effective managers. This article also explain the realistic example, as Sergio Marchionne, CEO of Fiat and Chrysler, discussed about the often-dysfunctional auto industry and also made key point on reality over hype. This article assist by discussing the challenges managers have to face, discuss suggestions over that and also explains tougher roles managers have to play. When it comes to incorporating the points mentioned above in day to day professional working the discussion given in article can be used as guidance. 6: This article primarily includes descriptive theories which explain the fact about controlling and handling people in order to handle common goal within an organization. These articles provide tested theories and some practical applications are shown. I will discuss here the advance on theories covered in this article and it is goal setting and motivation theory. Lockes pioneer research on this and it gave us modern understanding of goal setting. The articles published on 1968 named Towards a theory of Task motivation discussed the about how clear goal setting and feedback given on employees work motivate them and encourage them to make more efforts and it is the key ability of a manager. It is explained in the theory that working for and towards the goal is also one of the kind of motivation and it also help to improve performance. The theory also explained in detail that talented people will work longer in organization only if they get proper salary as a result of their high performance and work, if they will get opportunities of growth and enhancement, if authorities recognize their work and give importance to their work, expectations from the staff should be clear and realistic so that they can show their knowledge and talent. It is responsibility of a manager that he or she can make an organization so that people really want to work with them and other thing is they have to select the qualified and right candidate for right place. Though organization have enough well qualified and hardworking staff but guidance and rewards is very much important to maintain their commitment towards the organization. Reference: Maxwell, J. C. (2002) Leadership 101: What every leaders needs to know. Nashvillie , TN: Thomas Nelson. Fayol, H. (1949).General and Industrial Management. New York: Pitman Publishing. pp.107109 Eilon, S. (1979).Management control. Boston, Mass.: Harvard Business School Press. Manfred F. R.(2003) Kets de Vries The Dark Side of Leadership - Business Strategy Review 14(3), Autumn Page 26 Mintzberg H. (2004) Managers not MBAs: A hard look at the soft practice of managing and management development San Francisco: BK Publisher, Inc.